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“I found Maris through my midwife and I instantly felt relaxed and at ease around her. It wasn’t until after my birth that I fully understood the magic of her work as a doula. Maris was INDISPENSABLE to myself and my husband for our birth. This was a really special moment and she managed to be at all times comforting, reliable, warm, and supportive in a way that never felt overwhelming or intrusive. She was so essential to my comfort and successful home birth – I don’t know what we would have done without her. Upon reflecting on our birth, my husband and I both agree that Maris is an incredibly talented birth worker, we would have been lost without her. I can not recommend her enough – she is a truly special doula and we are so grateful she was there for our birth.” – Amber V., Brooklyn, NY 

“I did a lot of research and interviewed a handful of candidates before selecting Maris to be our doula. I am absolutely sure I made the correct choice. Maris was by my side as soon as I needed her and never left until my daughter was safe in arms. Her support was constant, calming and supportive but never intrusive. She facilitated the empowering, transformative birth experience I was hoping for. I really hope she will be available for our next child.” – Andrea C., Brooklyn, NY

 “It sounds cliché, but I knew from the second Maris picked up the phone that she had to be my doula. Out of everyone I interviewed, she instantly had that old friend warmth which is incredibly hard to feel out both over the phone and in a matter of seconds. My partner and I wanted to find someone who we felt incredibly comfortable with, and who exuded a chill, laid back, and supportive demeanor. She checked all those boxes immediately, and continued to check them throughout the entire process. Maris was incredibly non-judgemental in every aspect of our discussion re: our birth plan and preferences, and followed up on absolutely everything we had questions about in great detail what felt like minutes after talking about them. When my water broke, she was quick to hop on a call with me to talk through process/options, which was a major stress-relievor with impending labor and induction (including working through an induction strategy my partner and I felt comfortable with). We went to the hospital the next morning feeling incredibly prepared and informed, and were able to work with the triage team to ask the right questions. My labor ended up progressing incredibly quickly, and Maris was able to make it in a pinch without hesitation, and was a major support to both my partner and I: both in making sure we were hydrated, and fed, and in answering questions about progress and hospital process which was majorly helpful as first time parents. She continued to provide incredible support with pain management, and helped labor progression by working through positions while I was laboring down. Not to mention being a key supportive member of the pushing process, and eventually taking photos for us which captured labor beautifully. I honestly can’t recommend Maris enough, our postpartum visit felt like a family reunion!” – Tara F., Brooklyn, NY

Sarah and Emerson

“Maris was wonderful from the moment we met her. She was so calm and warm and confident, we were instantly at ease and knew we didn’t need to meet anyone else. Maris came to attend at our daughter‘s birth without question, even though we went into labor at 34 weeks and hadn’t even had our first prenatal visit, nor was she contracted to assist until 37 weeks. She helped to calm us first-time parents, and soothe the pains of a very intense labor, reassuring us that this was normal and I wasn’t dying! Maris is so knowledgeable and full of sage advice; having had two of her own children surely enhances her vast scope. Maris is extremely responsive to calls, emails and texts, and continues to be so in the postpartum period. She has sourced lactation help as well as postpartum doulas, night nurses, counselors, support groups, and hospital contacts to allow us to give feedback on a difficult labor/birth situation. She is completely accommodating of our schedule and even brought food for us at our postpartum visit. Maris is just a lovely, calm presence with a beautiful nature, and we can’t recommend her enough!” – Georgia B., New York, NY

“My wife and I had an incredible experience working with Maris as our Doula. From the moment we met her, we felt comforted by her warm energy and confident expertise, a feeling that only increased as our pregnancy progressed and into our birth. Maris was a huge support in the weeks leading up to our due date, listening closely to our birth plan desires and introducing my wife and me to positions and strategies that would help with our labor. She drew on her abundant resources in the birthing community to help with the hip pain I was experiencing and was an enormous emotional and tactical support as my due date neared with no signs of labor. Ultimately I was induced, and I was fairly emotional about that as I had really wanted to labor at home and was determined not to have a cesarean if at all possible. Maris was a huge emotional support in scheduling the induction and kept me optimistic about my plan. She offered to come to the hospital for as much or as little of it as we desired. she ended up coming twice, first as my pain increased and she kept me company while my wife rested and got my wife food. We told her to go home when we learned labor wasn’t progressing, and she came back the next day at 3 am to be there for all the hardest parts. Maris gave me a massage before my truly active labor started that helped me feel relaxed and rejuvenated and ready to push. She supported and encouraged me as I tried every option to avoid cesarean. And she held my hands and legs during labor alongside my wife, encouraging me and making me feel strong and able to power through. She also got me a lox bagel immediately after I delivered, which was just icing on the cake of her incredible performance. We couldn’t have asked for a more patient, empathetic, or knowledgeable doula experience. I strongly recommend Maris as a doula, she is an incredible person and a powerful support in the birthing process.” – Therese L., Brooklyn, NY


“Maris is the kind of person that can put others at ease upon first meeting – she quickly became a comforting presence for both me and my husband prior to our son’s birth. She is kind, knowledgeable, supportive and understanding. In the weeks leading up to my son’s birth, I experienced episodes of prodromal labor, which was confusing and frustrating. Maris made herself available 24/7 to answer my questions, help me find relief (mentally and physically) and troubleshoot my symptoms. I could not have anticipated better care from anyone; Maris consistently provided the emotional support I so desperately needed.

In the end, once my labor was consistent, it was really, unexpectedly quick. Maris came to our apartment, we hopped in the car and rushed to the hospital… unfortunately, in good old NYC rush hour traffic. My labor was pretty intense at this point. Maris sat in the back seat of our car with me and helped me relax during what could have been the most stressful time of our lives had we not had her in the car for support. My husband was able to focus on driving knowing that Maris was there to focus on me. We sat in traffic for over an hour. Upon arrival I was already 7cm! In less than 20 minutes, I was fully dilated, my water broke and it was time to push! No time for drugs or an IV, which made me nervous, but thanks to Maris my nerves quickly turned into determination and joy that I was going to get what I wanted: a VBAC! Maris was an excellent birth coach and held my hands the entire time. She made sure that I stayed hydrated throughout labor, and after our son was born, she went out and got us sandwiches.

We had a beautifully positive experience working with Maris and I personally cannot recommend her highly enough. Maris, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!” – Kiersten C., Brooklyn, NY

“First let me say that I did extensive interviews to find a Doula. I think in total I did 15 phone interviews and then met with my top 5 in person. From the moment I spoke with Maris I knew she was going to be a great fit for our family. Maris felt more like a friend and in some ways a part of the family. She was amazing!!! My labor was crazy long. 4 days to be exact and Maris was there for me and my husband anytime we needed her. We were a home birth transfer so not only did Maris help out with laboring at home she also came to the hospital. We wouldn’t have been able to get through labor without her. There simply is no better Doula out there than Maris James. We can’t recommend her more. We pray that she is available for our next pregnancy” – Sarah I. Queens, NY

“I am so grateful to have had Maris support me through my labor and birth. She provided guidance and comfort to me and my family as we progressed through labor and I was so relieved to see her beautiful face at that postpartum visit! The perinatal consults were amazing. We worked through my birth plan and she identified unique and specific ways to support me and my partner.

Because she was a part of such a transitional moment in my life, she has become a part of my birth story and my lifelong memories. You will never forget your labor and the birth of your child. It will change you forever. You deserve to have the support and resources to make your birth experience the best possible experience for you. Maris provided me with just that. I simply cannot recommend her strongly enough. Thank you Maris!” – Emily B., New York, NY


“As soon as I met Maris, I knew she was someone with whom I could share my son’s birth. She offered my husband and I practical information and support and didn’t offer any judgment about our choices. I labored for two and half days and the entire time, Maris was a calming and supportive presence. She helped my husband and I feel more connected and was herself an integral part of the labor. We had hoped for a natural childbirth, but out of medical necessity, I ended up having an induction and a c-section. It was disappointing to have to deviate from my birthplan, but Maris helped me to accept this unexpected turn of events. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a supportive, warm, and calm presence in the delivery room.” – Caitlin B., Brooklyn, NY

“I couldn’t recommend Maris highly enough. My partner and I knew that labor and giving birth would be such a private and intense experience, we needed someone we would be comfortable sharing that with. When we were first considering Maris, we found her to be so easy-going, non-judgmental, and sincere, we knew we had found the right fit. Once she started working with us, she was always responsive and highly committed.  We relied on her advice and great insight to help us navigate through every step of the birthing process, and she offered it in a way that always supported our decision making. Giving birth felt like a huge accomplishment, and I did it with amazing support from my partner and Maris.” – Candice T. Brooklyn, NY



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